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Our Residential Management Services:


TWM provides community association management services to condominium associations, homeowner associations, active adult communities, mixed-use & commercial communities and cooperatives.  Although services can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the community, our typical management agreement will provide the following services:


  • Systems for strong communications between TWM, the Board, committees and the developer (when applicable)

  • Hiring of Association staff (if required)

  • Timely, complete and detailed monthly financial reports

  • Collection of all fees and charges due to the Association from tenants/owners and the developer with an aggressive delinquency collection process

  • Community Manager attendance at Meetings

  • Timely payment of Association obligations

  • Complete and detailed monthly management reports

  • Periodic property inspections

  • 24 Hour emergency manager and engineering/maintenance services

  • Senior management and staff back-up and support.

  • Notary Services


General duties and responsibilities of a typical Community Manager include:


  • Attendance at Annual Meetings

  • Ensure regular communication with the Board’s President or its designated management liaison.

  • Liaison between the Board of Directors and the management company

  • Working with the Board and On-site Manager in the development of the annual budget

  • Supporting the routine financial operation of the Association

  • Assuring coordination and communication between the various entities supporting the operation of the Association

  • Supervising, coaching and supporting on-site staff

  • Supervising routine services and contractors in coordination with the On-site Manager

  • Providing consultation and input to ensure the property is operated in the best fashion possible with the funds provided through the budget

  • Providing a comprehensive monthly management report to the Board

  • Visiting the property at least weekly to meet with staff and/or inspect the property

  • Making sure that the books and records are made reasonably available to any owner upon request

  • Accounts receivable and payable management

  • Basic accounting services including original document entry

  • Financial statement preparation

  • Fixed asset schedule maintenance

  • Tax filings (payroll, property, sales & use and other information returns)

  • Assessment collections

  • Recovery of funds from delinquent accounts

  • Various other services

Because an educated community, is an undivided community.

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